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PoC Podcast #2 featuring Rich Devaul, CEO at XNET

Join Connor from Hexagon Wireless and Mahesh from Escape Velocity Ventures for the second episode of the Proof of Coverage Podcast, where we interview Rich DeVaul, the CEO of newly launched DeWi CBRS project XNET! We discuss:

Rich’s unique background in tech and telecom, what makes XNET different, and why XNET believes its points of differentiation will help it stand out in the rapidly-growing DeWi CBRS space. Show notes: 0:00 – intros (Connor, Mahesh, Rich) 5:00 – Rich’s background at Apple, Google, etc. (Mahesh, Rich) 11:30 – overview of XNET, what makes it special, lessons learned from Project Loon (Mahesh, Rich) 16:11 – telcos as dinosaurs, DeWi as fighter jets, XNET as a dinosaur with a jetpack (Rich) 18:20 – “pioneers get shot, settlers get rich”, the second mover advantage (Mahesh, Rich) 20:57 – Helium & Pollen building a data-only network, XNET building a full-service network (Connor, Rich) 28:32 – XNET tokenomic innovation, data tickets expire to maximize for utility not speculation (Rich) 33:20 – why did XNET choose to launch as the most centralized DeWi protocol? (Connor, Rich) 40:25 – DeWi’s pivot towards more centralization early-stage (Connor, Rich) 42:50 – why are XNET rewards lower than Helium/Pollen for early-stage deployments? (Connor, Rich) 46:50 – token lockups will keep XNET’s circulating supply very low (Rich) 49:29 – timelines for paid data transfer (Q1 2023) (Connor, Rich) 54:50 – what are the biggest challenges of being a crypto entrepreneur? (Mahesh, Rich) 58:36 – social links Disclosures: This podcast is strictly informational and educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any tokens or securities or to make any financial decisions. Do not trade or invest in any project, tokens, or securities based upon this podcast episode. The hosts or the companies they work for (Hexagon Wireless or Escape Velocity Ventures) may own tokens that are mentioned on the podcast.

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